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We recently had the pleasure of helping in the production of some videos for www.forfoodsmokers.co.uk highlighting some of their equipment and a few of the techniques I use for making great smoked food. We hope you like them
Smoked Beef Brisket - In this video I show you how to make a smoked beef brisket. This is a delicious cut of meat and is perfectly suited to low and slow cooking.
ProQ Cold Smoke Generator - In this video I show you how to llight the ProQ cold smoke generator. This little device is a must for anyone wanting to generate 8 hours of reliable cold smoke.
Cold Smoked Salmon - In this video I show you how to cure and smoke the most delicious Scottish style smoked salmon. This method uses the ProQ cold smoke generator producing 8 hours of cold smoke to infuse a lovely smokey flavour to transform the salmon into something sublime.
Pulled Pork - In this video I show you how season, smoke and prepare pulled pork. Using a rolled joint of pork. Pulled pork is really easy to prepare and is one of those must do smoking projects for the beginner or expert. Pork is a reasonably priced cut of meat and with the addition of seasonings and smoke you can transform it into something divine
Hot Smoked Salmon - In this video I show you how prepare and season a lovely piece of salmon ready to hot smoke in your hot smoker or stovetop smoker. This is an easy starter project for anyone wanting to start on something easy and very very tasty. Served hot or cold this one's a winner any time of the year. For what it is, Salmon is relatively inexpensive and by giving it the business in the smoker you can quite literally take it to a special place you'll want to revisit regularly. Good luck


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