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Smoked Cheese

Food Smoking Courses - Food & Drink courses are very popular so why not do something different this time. MORE ....... Read what some of my guests have said REVIEW . BOOK NOW
Curing & Brining Courses - New dates for Autumn 2014 curing & brining course aimed at dedicated foodies looking to expand their knowledge ans skills in the art of charcuterie, curing, salting and brining. MORE

Gift Voucher

Gift Certificates for Courses- A great gift idea for the person who needs to do something different. Redeemable against coldsmoking.co.uk courses throughout the year. BUY ONE NOW


Smokedust - Purchase all your dust, chips, curing salts and Food Smoking Hardware from smokedust.co.uk . All their dusts are food grade and dried to below 16% moisture content ensuring a clean even smoulder.

Build your Coldsmoker

Build your own Coldsmoker - Plans for sale - A comprehensive set of coldsmoker PLANS FOR SALE for just £1.99. Build your own coldsmoker like the one featured here.
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